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What safety guidelines do you have in place for COVID - 19?

  • Drivers will be monitored for symptoms and asked to stay home if necessary or if they’ve been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Drivers and students will be required to wear a mask in accordance with state and local guidelines and sanitize their hands throughout the day.

  • More emphasis will be placed on routine and ongoing cleaning and sanitization of high-touch surfaces such as the interior of the bus, handrails and seats. Increased deep cleaning will be considered in the event of COVID-19 exposure.

How does your service work?

Once a request is received from our website, we will determine if a vehicle is available for your area at the specified time. If not, we will offer alternative times or place you on a preferred wait list.  If you're a first time customer, a service agreement will be sent to you via email that must be signed and on file prior to service. A service confirmation and invoice will be emailed to you and service will begin once first payment is received.


What happens if my child's scheduled service needs to be changed?

You will need to notify us within 48 hours of the schedule service. We will let you know if the change can be accommodated. You will then need to complete a new agreement with the schedule changes noted.


How much notice is needed to start a new service?

A 48 hour notice is required for a new service to begin.


Are child seats provided?

Booster and child seats are provided with the service.


How will I know that my child has arrived safely?

A text message will be sent to the contact's cell phone number provided upon arrival at the destination and when picking-up at a destination to return home.

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